Vehicle Detailing

Vehicle Detailing

Detailing your vehicle is more than a weekend wash or trip to your neighborhood lube station. It allows a personalized attention to your vehicle to improve and maintain the health of your vehicle. Whether it's your American muscle or your daily driver, you can trust MARS to put in the same level of attention to your vehicle that you would.

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Interior/Exterior Detailing Packages

Vehicle detailing is much more than a simple car wash. Our MARS professionals will deep clean, condition, and wax to restore the shine in your vehicle and get it back to that factory look.

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More Than Just a Wash

Exterior Detailing

We can also fix most scratches, rock chips, and even foggy headlights

Professional exterior detailing can restore your vehicle to like-new condition, help prevent rust, make it easier to remove sap, bugs, bird poop, etc, and greatly improve re-sale or trade-in value.

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For all of your vehicle surfaces

Interior Detailing

We can fix most upholstery tears to leather, vinyl, and plastic

Professional interior detailing provides attention to all interior surfaces where dirt and stains live. We have a variety of tools and treatments to extract dirt and clean carpets, plastic trim, upholstery, and other interior surfaces. We also steam clean to disinfect without leaving any chemical residue.

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MARS Car Care Products

Protect your Vehicle Inside and Out

MARS of Williston is the home of the best detailing and protection supplies available. Our products are designed to protect and preserve your investment inside and out. You can even purchase them online!

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Additional Services

Detailing services that have additional charges associated.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

This is a process that takes away flaws on the top layer of a car's paintwork like dull paint or oxidation.


Paint Protection Film

PPF is a thin polyurethane film that helps to protect car paint from rock chips, small scratches, UV light, mineral deposits, acid rain, and more.

XPEL Coatings

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior of a vehicle to add a protective layer to the car's paint.

Tough Stain that Just Won't Give Up?

Stain Removal

Stains that require a bit more attention

MARS' interior detailing package will actually take care of most stains on interior seats and carpet. Though every so often, there's a stain from a spill or cargo that requires a bit more attention. MARS can fight these stains with our chemical applications depending on the type and color of contaminate. Stubborn stains that don't release can still be restored through dyeing of the fabric, leather, or vinyl to match the existing material.

Removal Of 99.9% Of Bacteria

Disinfecting with BactaKleen

Improve the air quality that can affect your health

Improve The Air Quality That Can Affect Your Health BactaKleen is an Ultra Mist antibacterial treatment for your vehicle removing 99.9% of known bacteria, mold, and fungi. We use an innovative fumigation device to atomize our concentrated anti-bacterial solution into an ultra fine mist designed to deodorize and neutralize bacteria and viruses from your vehicle interiors.

What's the Smell?

Odor Removal

Get your vehicle smelling new

Attack those odors inside your vehicle instead of masking it. MARS has a spectrum of treatments to apply to the interior of your vehicle depending on the type of odor. Our specialists can investigate the culprit and provide the best options including a variety of chemical treatments and clean air cabin filters to get your vehicle smelling like new.

Hair Removal for Every Surface

Pet Hair Removal

Does your pet's hair keep multiplying in your car?

You've tried everything to keep the pet hair under control but no matter how much you vacuum your vehicle, you still find pet hair embedded in the upholstery, seats, and floor. MARS has several techniques to remove pet hair from every surface of your vehicle.