Backup Cameras

Backup Cameras

Stay safe when you drive with backup cameras and dash cameras from MARS of Williston that help keep you aware of your surroundings.

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Check Your Surroundings

Backup Cameras

Increase your rear view and make parking a breeze

Avoid backing into objects with a backup camera system installed by MARS. A backup camera gives you better perspective when parking and helps prevent running into objects or animals that might be out of your sight. We can install the system into your existing media screen or replace your existing rear-view mirror to also display your camera display. We have a variety of options to meet your needs.

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License Plate Camera

License plate backup cameras mount in the license plate spot behind the car. Some cameras come built into a replacement plate frame that installs over the plate itself.

Mirror / Dash Camera

Mirror and dash cam backup cameras feature a built-in display that offers a good view of the rear action without requiring an additional LCD panel.

Individual Camera

Often the most basic option available, individual backup cameras are small units that lack a display or any means of mounting.