Paintless Clearcoat Repair

Paintless Clearcoat Repair

Permanently restore your vehicle's paint finish back to the durability and luster of its original paint finish without having to repaint or visit a bodyshop!

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  Permanent, Practical Paint Restoration

Paintless Clearcoat Repair

Eliminates the Need to Repaint your Vehicle

Unlike traditional products, this Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) technology does more than cover up scratches. Through a polymimetic surface regeneration process, RestorFX permanently removes 99% of scuffs, fading, weathering, swirls and more by mimicking, replicating and restoring the original paint finish.



Permanent, Practical Paint Restoration

What Is RestorFX?

pushing the reset button on your vehicle's paint finish

RestorFX completely addresses surface damage to permanently restore a vehicle's exterior without repainting. It maintains the integrity of an automobile by not cutting away vital clear coat and eliminates the need to repaint a car. Once treated with RestorFX, your vehicle will have a permanent durable finish that meets all industry standards for cleaning, servicing and maintenance.

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Common Questions

RestorFX Frequently-Asked Questions

Is RestorFX Permanent?

RestorFX is permanent. It will last the length of the original manufacturer finish. In some cases, it may outlast the original manufacturer finish.

How Long Does RestorFX Last?

RestorFX is permanent and lasts the lifetime of the vehicle. It will often continue to shine and remain visible even after the vehicle is returned for recycling or disposal.

How Many Times Can You Apply RestorFX?

RestorFX may be applied as many times as desired over the life of a vehicle. Though usually only one RestorFX treatment is needed and/or recommended.

Restore your original paint finish

How RestorFX Works

Completely restores paint finishes and clear coat

RestorFX is an aqueous fluxcoat that completely restores paint finishes and clear coat. This Polymimetic Surface Regeneration technology works to open up the pores of the original paint finish of the vehicle to chemically bond and etch in, becoming one with the original surface, restoring and refinishing the original surface. This action keeps the integrity of the vehicle while bringing it back to new again.

With RestorFX, 99% of clear coat scratches, paint deterioration and imperfections are brilliantly repaired and restored. A vehicle that has grown dull, scratched and faded from countless hours under constant exposure to the elements, gets to be reunited with its original full luster and a profoundly deep gloss. Check out how it's done.

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Resists Chemicals
Does not lose any of its adhesion qualities despite being exposed to adverse chemicals


Lasting Hardness
More durable at 7H than even the highest-quality manufacturer paint finish, ensuring greater protection and long-lasting results


Elcometer Coating Thickness
Thicker at 9 µm than any other coating product on the market, delivering a more durable armor, longer-lasting depth and shine


Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure
Resists elements equivalent to 6–7 years of extreme UV outdoor sunlight exposure, more than any other aftermarket coating